St Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Linlithgow
53 Blackness Road, Linlithgow. Telephone: +44(0)1506 842145

Eventbrite Booking System

Eventbrite is our online booking system for confirming attendance at Sunday Mass. To allow everyone an opportunity to attend Mass we ask you to book responsibly. If you can come to Mass during the week, please come then and leave the weekend Masses for those who are working etc.

Restrictions remain in place with the number of 'tickets' limited to 40 per Mass. In order to attend Mass, using the Eventbrite online booking system, parishioners are asked to reserve the number of tickets they require to attend the Mass of their choosing. If you know of a fellow parishioner who does not have online access, please assist by booking on their behalf however enter their name into the booking form.

To book and confirm your attendance at Sunday Mass please visit the Eventbrite system by clicking here